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The pages on the menu to the right list the Officers, Executive Board Members, and Committee Chairpersons for the Charlotte County APVA.  Any correspondence to any of these individuals should be sent to the address.  If you know the individual to whom you are providing information or requesting information from, please address your message to that person.  If you are unsure of the appropriate party send your e-mail to us and your message will be directed to the appropriate party.

Board of Directors

The Director is the chief executive officer of the Charlotte County APVA and shall preside at all meetings.  He/she shall establish committees as the need arises and shall appoint the committee chairperson.  He/she is an ex officio member of every committee.

The Vice-Director shall be responsible for identifying meeting program topics, identifying and procuring a speaker or speakers and securing the necessary equipment and materials for the presentations at the three membership meetings each year. Also, the Vice Director shall assist the Director whenever requested, may represent him/her on other organizations when requested to do so by the Director, and will perform his/her regular duties in his/her absence.

The Secretary shall keep the general correspondence records and minutes of all meetings, including Executive Board meetings and special events.  The Secretary shall conduct the usual correspondence of CC-APVA, including giving notice to the membership of the time and place of regular and special meetings, and of special events.  Each CC-APVA Executive Board member and each committee chairperson is to provide copies of all relevant correspondence originated by them or received by them concerning CC-APVA activities to the Secretary for retention in the central repository.

The Treasurer is responsible for all monies collected, for all disbursements, for keeping records of all financial transactions, and for making a report at all Regular Meetings of the membership and all Executive Board meetings.  The Treasurer may authorize the chairperson of a special committee appointed by the Director to manage the collection and disbursement of monies associated with the special event for which the person was appointed.  The chairperson shall provide a complete financial statement of such events to the Treasurer, who may limit reporting to the membership to the gross revenue and disbursement, and the net balance associated with the event.  The Treasurer shall periodically furnish to the Secretary a current list of the active members.

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