Cub Creek Cemetery

This community, about eight miles southwest of Charlotte Court House, was the place of the earliest known settlement in Charlotte County.  In the 1730's, a group of Scotch-Irish Presbyterians located themselves around the Cub Creek, building a small log church soon after their arrival.  Called the Caldwell Colony for its leader John Caldwell, this group of about two hundred was composed of hardworking farmers who migrated to Virginia from Pennsylvania.  Being a very devout, non-materialistic people, the Caldwell group lived simple lives in wooden homes.  Consequently, there are a few records remaining of them.  Within fify years much of the settlement moved on to Kentucky leaving only a few family members in this county,, but there remained the influence of their religion and ideals.  Most of the Presbyterian churches in Charlotte are daughter churches of Cub Creek.  After the Caldwell's departure, lands owned by them were returned to the government and reassigned to new settlers. 

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